Friday, 30 September 2011

Existing Packaging

My favourite place to start! I've had a look at some already existing packaging to get the right kind of feel for taking on an oriental themed packaging brief

I think the dark simplistic colours really work for this and adds an element of sophistication and luxury. Although it is actually focusing on a French audience, I think the stroke through the font and slight use of illustration add an oriental feel. I really love the shape of the second and third image and I like the use of the windows to give a slight view of whats inside.

TK Food Cookies - Designed by Victor Branding Lab:

Absolutely love this packaging. I love the bold simplistic colours and how the text wraps around and hasn't been limited to one edge. Even though I want to really focus on the form of my packaging and try to stay away from anything square/rectangular, I think the way theses are all packaged together as one thing is a lovely idea and adds that extra element of interest and detail. I especially love the string that holds them as it really adds that oriental feel.

OUGD301 - 4 Chosen Briefs

1 - Oriental Meal Pack
2 - Typeface Design
3 - The Body Shop
4 - Competition Brief (either ISTD or D&AD)

Thursday, 22 September 2011


I found this task quite difficult as I felt what I was writing didn't actually make sense and that I had just put words together which describe what I like.

Here is what I started off with:

- A print investigation of layout with a focus on typography
- An investigation of branding with a focus on the type and layout on packaging
- A typographical investigation packaging with a focus on layout
- A print based investigation of typography with a focus on layout
- An investigation of packaging with a focus on the type and layout

I need to come up with a more rounded statement that explains how I want to investigate type and layout on whilst mainly focusing on packaging design but can also be incorporated into brand and identity and print.

I actually think the above actually makes a pretty accurate statement!

"An investigation into type and layout with a main focus on packaging design however can also be incorporated into brand, identity and print."

Lorenzo also asked us to post an image which describes the kind of work we want to achieve:

I think this is a perfect example - packaging design with a strong focus on the typography which also has a nice range of branding and print based work.
(by Straydog Marketing)

What I Want To Achieve This Year

Things I want to do:
- Visit studios to gain more knowledge and experience of the industry
- Contact more studios with the aim of a placement
- Really put my main focus into packaging design
- Create a personal logo and website for myself
- Create my own typeface
- Make sure I put enough time and effort into my dissertation
- Meet deadlines and be satisfied with my outcomes
- Real (paid) work

Things I want to achieve:
- Wider but more rounded portfolio of work
- More professional look and approach to my work
- More confidence to aim for what I want do achieve
- Generally become more organised
- Manage my time effectively 
- Gain more knowledge and experience of the industry

- Packaging
- Food in retail
- Fashion
- Magazines
- Typography

- Packaging design
- Branding
- High end food retail (Waitrose/Harvey Nichols)
- Typography - learn more of the technical side
- Printing and stocks

-Website for myself
- Packaging
- Magazines (work with layout)
- Typeface
- Brand/range

- Type skills
- Layout
- Print processes
- Packaging
- Branding

- Media/stock
- Time management
- Organisation
- Dissertation writing

- Contacts
- Packaging
- Layout/magazine
- Typeface

- Dreamweaver
- In Design 
- Print processes
- Fontographer

- Contact studios
- Visit studios
- Dissertation writing workshop
- Time management

- Website
- Logo
- Business card
- Portfolio
- Packaging
- Type/layout

Want and Need:
- I want to design my own typeface therefore I need to develop my type skills and learn how to use Fontographer.
- I want to create my own personal website therefore I need to develop my skills in Dreamweaver.

Brief - Competition Brief

This brief is not yet chosen however this will be a competition brief for either, ISTD, D&AD or YCN when the 2012 briefs get released. 

Brief - Typography

I would like to include another type based brief.

Brief - Personal Identity

This will be a really quick brief which I will mostly undergo in my spare time. I want to work on branding myself with a logo, business cards, cv, and most importantly a website. I think designing for yourself is quite difficult in terms of knowing how to represent yourself and producing something you are 100% happy with. Setting this as a quick short brief should hopefully help me get this done.

Brief - Magazine Type/Layout

Brief - Produce a magazine.

This brief is not yet set, however during second year I really enjoyed working with the type and layout of magazine spreads during the type module. I only have one piece from that in my portfolio which I am proud and don't really have anything else that purely focuses on editorial based work, so this is something I think my portfolio would benefit from.

When reading magazines myself I am highly interested in fashion so this would be an area I would like to produce something for.

- Magazine for a clothing brand (could also lead on to a branding brief)
- Look book
- Re-visit collection 100 from first year (I produced an insert for Vogue magazine however never got round to completing it.)

Brief - Branding Brief

Possible starting point:

Brief - Supermarket Brand Re-design

This will be a branding brief which will also allow me to incorporate packaging design. At the moment it is only a very basic starting point inspired from (click here).

Brief Title:
Supermarket Brand Re-design

The Brief:
Pick an existing brand from a supermarket which you do not like and re-brand/re-package it.

As I have already chosen a few briefs to do with food packaging so I will take this brief and chose to re-brand household products or maybe even produce a range of products for a supermarkets 'basic' range.

Brief - Typeface Design and Presentation

Brief Title:
Typeface Design

The Brief:
Produce a type face based on one of the following themes: time, sound, photography or light. 



Target Audience:

Tone of Voice:

Function of each letter

Mandatory Requirements:
Letters A-Z upper and lower case
Numbers 0-9

Full typeface. Booklet and selection of prints to represent the typeface (see here for inspiration example).

Brief - Food on the Move

(this is a competition brief - deadline is 2nd March 2012)

Brief Title:
Food on the Move

The Brief:
Redesign the packaging for a lunchtime wrap and an individual cake.

With our lives busier than ever, often the British consumer is required to eat whilst on
the move. The High street is full of café shops and sandwich outlets offering cuisines
from around the world as a grab and go lunchtime option.
The filled wrap has been a popular lunchtime option, but often the packaging is not
inspiring and doesn’t show the product to its full potential. Individual cakes such as
carrot cake and brownies have also grown in market share as a treat during the working
day. Somehow the element of “a treat” is not communicated fully by the packaging.


Create/re-design packaging for a lunchtime wrap and individual cake which shows the product to its full potential while still allowing it to be easily consumed ‘on the move’.

Target Audience:

Career orientated people
25 to 40 years olds

Tone of Voice:


Protecting the product from food factory to store and then to where the consumer eats the product.

Product visibility – allowing the consumer to see the product they are buying. Consumers buy with their eyes!
Easy to open – making the packs tamper evident in store, but then easy to open once purchased.
Needs to sit within the food to go market
Not use excessive packaging and be easy to recycle at the end of its use.

Mandatory Requirements:

Use cartonboard as the predominant material. Plastic film window material can be used to improve product visibility.


Model with graphics for both wrap and cake concept

3 x A3 supporting development boards

Brief - Oriental Meal Pack

Brief Title:
Oriental Meal Pack for Two

The Brief:
Design a new concept for retail packaging for the 'oriental takeaway meal for two'. The pack itself must be functional, using shape and form effectively to contain the contents securely.

Takeaways have always been a popular choice for the consumer when requiring an easy alternative to preparing and cooking a traditional meal or having a treat at the weekend. 

There are many different oriental food outlets on the high street and large retail supermarkets are also developing their own brand of easy take home meals to capture an ever increasing target market. Current packaging for these food items tend to be standard size food trays and sleeves within an outer bag or carry unit.


Target Audience:

Males and females 18-40 (need to be more precise)

Tone of Voice:

Consider how the pack would be displayed within the retail outlet whether in a chilled or shelf environment.
How convenient it is for the customer to handle at the purchase stage, access the contents at home, serve easily and dispose of the empty pack.
Shape and form.
Additional elements eg carry handle, way of serving the food, eating utensils.

Mandatory Requirements:
- Produce a pack which contains the food products but also allows the option of separating/presenting the items within the pack in a new way.
- Reflect a new an innovative approach to packaging for the oriental takeaway market in the shaping of the pack, presentation, graphics and branding.
Reflect the oriental cultural qualities of the food and the country of origin.


Brief - The Body Shop

Brief Title:
The Body Shop - Packaging

The Brief:
Design a contemporary range of packaging for The Body Shop that unites their brand values with the premium nature of the products.

Ethically made natural beauty products.
Five core brand values
- Against animal testing
- Support community fair trade
- Activate self esteem
- Defend human rights
- Protect the planet


Target Audience:
Discerning female customers of high quality beauty products. Primary focus should be 18-35 year old women but must also appeal to a broader age range of 16-65. 

Tone of Voice:

The materials used will greatly affect the cost of the packaging, it is important that packaging costs do not have a negative impact on a purchase decision.
Maintain the brand values throughout the project. 
The Body Shop is open to sustainable alternatives.

Mandatory Requirements:
- Body Shop logo
- Four products
Tea Tree (skincare for blemished skin)
White Musk (fragrance)
Liquid Foundation (makeup)
Body Butter (moisturiser)

Four products and packaging from the ranges listed above

Statement Of Intent/Rationale

I wrote this over summer just before I started looking at briefs for this year so it probably could be revised a bit by now:

- My main interests have always been within packaging design. I have done a few packaging briefs previously but I would like to carry out a few more during 3rd year so I can have something more recent which shows my work more to its potential. In terms of subject I always find myself really drawn to food packaging, however I do need a bit more variety so will find other areas to look at as well.

- Typography is another one of my interests however I've always enjoyed the overall visuals and layout aspect of it and I haven't particularly looked at the technical side so much. I think designing my own typeface will give me the chance to do this and really understand the way typography works and the importance of choosing a typeface, as well as adding another element to my portfolio
- During second year I really enjoyed working with the type and layout of magazine spreads in the type module and this is something else I would like more of in my portfolio. I don't really have anything that purely focuses on editorial except for one brief from the type module (see here) so this would be something useful as well as something I enjoy. When reading magazines myself I really enjoy fashion so this could be an area I could focus in. In first year I actually created a magazine insert for Vogue however during the module things didn't turn out to well for me and I never really go the chance to finish it. This could be something to re-visit or I could come up with a whole new idea, or maybe even both?

- A more recent thing I've become interested in is brand design and identity. Product, range distribution was a brief I really enjoyed as this was the first time I attempted something like this. I focused on the branding of a restaurant however my main efforts went into the menu design and I feel I slightly neglected the rest of the branding. This is a reason why I would like to give something like this another go. Also with a branding brief I can also include all of the mentioned above. This should hopefully lead me to have a nice tied together portfolio.

- Another thing which I really need to do is brand myself. I'm not sure if i'll set this as a brief yet but basically need to work on a logo, business cards and mainly a website.

To break all this down, I want to focus my third year on:
Packaging Design 
Branding and Identity