Monday, 14 November 2011


Whilst researching into simplistic packaging design I came across these which are not only really visually appealing but also gave me the idea that we could use type to state on the products why it is better to buy them. We could do this in an eco way like what is shown in the first two images below. Refer to how the production of the packaging has been cheaper, suggest that the products inside are just as good but better value for money. Or even promote the products in some kind of humorous way.

I really like this last idea which is showing the product at its bare basics. We could focus on one important fact about the product and have it as a bold statement. 

Another idea would be to show how the product is so simple yet has many uses. Eg baked beans...just a simple thing you would have in your cupboard but show different ways to cook them. This would make a cheap product apear to have more value and should increase interest from potential customers.

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