Friday, 30 September 2011

Existing Packaging

My favourite place to start! I've had a look at some already existing packaging to get the right kind of feel for taking on an oriental themed packaging brief

I think the dark simplistic colours really work for this and adds an element of sophistication and luxury. Although it is actually focusing on a French audience, I think the stroke through the font and slight use of illustration add an oriental feel. I really love the shape of the second and third image and I like the use of the windows to give a slight view of whats inside.

TK Food Cookies - Designed by Victor Branding Lab:

Absolutely love this packaging. I love the bold simplistic colours and how the text wraps around and hasn't been limited to one edge. Even though I want to really focus on the form of my packaging and try to stay away from anything square/rectangular, I think the way theses are all packaged together as one thing is a lovely idea and adds that extra element of interest and detail. I especially love the string that holds them as it really adds that oriental feel.

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