Thursday, 22 September 2011


I found this task quite difficult as I felt what I was writing didn't actually make sense and that I had just put words together which describe what I like.

Here is what I started off with:

- A print investigation of layout with a focus on typography
- An investigation of branding with a focus on the type and layout on packaging
- A typographical investigation packaging with a focus on layout
- A print based investigation of typography with a focus on layout
- An investigation of packaging with a focus on the type and layout

I need to come up with a more rounded statement that explains how I want to investigate type and layout on whilst mainly focusing on packaging design but can also be incorporated into brand and identity and print.

I actually think the above actually makes a pretty accurate statement!

"An investigation into type and layout with a main focus on packaging design however can also be incorporated into brand, identity and print."

Lorenzo also asked us to post an image which describes the kind of work we want to achieve:

I think this is a perfect example - packaging design with a strong focus on the typography which also has a nice range of branding and print based work.
(by Straydog Marketing)

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