Thursday, 22 September 2011

What I Want To Achieve This Year

Things I want to do:
- Visit studios to gain more knowledge and experience of the industry
- Contact more studios with the aim of a placement
- Really put my main focus into packaging design
- Create a personal logo and website for myself
- Create my own typeface
- Make sure I put enough time and effort into my dissertation
- Meet deadlines and be satisfied with my outcomes
- Real (paid) work

Things I want to achieve:
- Wider but more rounded portfolio of work
- More professional look and approach to my work
- More confidence to aim for what I want do achieve
- Generally become more organised
- Manage my time effectively 
- Gain more knowledge and experience of the industry

- Packaging
- Food in retail
- Fashion
- Magazines
- Typography

- Packaging design
- Branding
- High end food retail (Waitrose/Harvey Nichols)
- Typography - learn more of the technical side
- Printing and stocks

-Website for myself
- Packaging
- Magazines (work with layout)
- Typeface
- Brand/range

- Type skills
- Layout
- Print processes
- Packaging
- Branding

- Media/stock
- Time management
- Organisation
- Dissertation writing

- Contacts
- Packaging
- Layout/magazine
- Typeface

- Dreamweaver
- In Design 
- Print processes
- Fontographer

- Contact studios
- Visit studios
- Dissertation writing workshop
- Time management

- Website
- Logo
- Business card
- Portfolio
- Packaging
- Type/layout

Want and Need:
- I want to design my own typeface therefore I need to develop my type skills and learn how to use Fontographer.
- I want to create my own personal website therefore I need to develop my skills in Dreamweaver.

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