Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The Body Shop Existing Packaging

From looking at The Body Shop's range of products on their website, the one thing which really stood out was how all of the packaging is completely different to one another:

I think the only thing that ties them together (except for the logo) is the fact that the designs are all quite heavily typed based. However this is an element I really like as type is something I like to focus on in my own work so I will continue with this theme for my designs. I also noticed quite a lot of their designs also have a focus on nature with the use of illustration to suggest all their products are from natural sources. This is an element I need to consider for my own designs. 
Out of the products above I really love the bottom two for their make up range. I love how the first one is really clean and clinical which is something I want to achieve with my designs and I really love the bottom one for its bold type as I think it makes it stand out a lot more next to the other products.

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