Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Why A Winter Range?

I've chosen to create a winter range as the cold whether can easily dry out your skin. I will be choosing essential products from the Body Shop to be a part of my range which protect and help the skin during the cold winter months.

Here is some information i've found on the internet about the effects of winter on your skin and why my proposed Body Shop range will provide a useful solution:

Winter can play havoc with your skin. The skin is the largest organ in the body and is susceptible to many of the environmental hazards that can attack it. A lessening of humidity causes the skin to lose moisture and become abnormally dry. Wearing additional layers of 
clothes will also have this effect by preventing the skins ability to breathe properly. This scenario causes the skin to become drier as the season progresses. Keeping the skin moisturised all year round is of course important, but becomes even more so during the winter months. Therefore, using a good moisturiser on a daily basis is a must.

Take shorter, less frequent showers. When the cold creeps under your covers on a dark winter morning, avoid the temptation to take a long soak in a hot bath or a steamy shower. Sure, it feels great when you’re chilled. But all that hot water pulls the oils from your skin, which ultimately leads to dryness. It’s better in winter to take shorter, less frequent showers, and turn to cozy sweaters and toasty tea to warm up.
Cleanse carefully. Choose a gentle cleanser for bathing rather than a harsher bar soap that can further dry your skin in winter. Look for liquid cleansers that clean and moisturise. Pat (don’t rub) your skin dry.
Moisturise. After showering and drying off, moisturise. You’ll probably want to trade your lighter summer moisturising lotion for a heavier cream, or even an oil-based ointment. A product you scoop out of a jar is probably a better choice in winter than one you squirt. Winter necessitates heavier armor.
Exfoliate. Not only does scrubbing away dead skin cells one or twice a week make your skin glow, but it can also help your moisturiser penetrate better, further protecting and beautifying your skin during winter's harsh weather.
Use sunscreen — yes, even in winter. Don’t let the temperature influence your sunscreen use — it’s just as important to protect your skin in winter. Plus, glare from snow and ice can magnify the sun’s effects. That means your hands and face — and any other areas exposed to the sun’s rays — need a dose of SPF before you head outside. Reapply sunscreen after every two hours you spend outdoors.
Protect your lips. You probably already reach for lip balm all day long in winter. Choose one that has a sunscreen incorporated to protect the delicate skin of your lips from the sun’s rays as well as from the chill and dryness.
Humidify your home. Adding moisture to your indoor air can help keep your skin healthy.
Watch trouble spots. Pay special attention to your hands. Frequent hand washing to thwart winter’s cold and flu germs can dry out your hands. Be sure to moisturise as often as you need to — even several times a day. To make moisturising routine, put a bottle of moisturiser next to the liquid soap in the bathroom. Because exposure to cold outdoor air can also dry your hands, get in the habit of pulling on a pair of mittens or gloves before you head outdoors. And keep your hands dry — if the weather is nasty, choose waterproof gloves.

* Information taken from www.doctorsexercise.com and www.dailyglow.com *

I will have a look at existing products by the Body Shop and find ones which will help with the issues above.

From the information above and also my own knowledge, the best products to include in my range will be a body lotion, a facial moisturiser, hand cream, lip balm, exfoliating scrub or mitten and from my own experience I also find your hair gets dry during winter so a hair care product will also be useful to have in my winter range.

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