Thursday, 6 October 2011

Packaging Forms and Nets

I took a book out of the library called 'Package Form and Design'. I've found quite a few nets that I think would work really well for the oriental meal pack.

1. Probably won't be using this style packaging as it's already a really popular shape for oriental take away boxes.

2. I like the closure on this packaging, I think it would be interesting if it were to be produced on a larger scale with the meal ready prepared inside.

3. Love the idea of using this shape for my main outer packaging

4. Slightly similar to the idea above. It would be good if I could somehow come up with a way so the contents pull out from either side.


6. This would be a good idea if I were to produce something involving sushi.

7. Again this is another typical oriental style take away box but its good to see how the net works to put it together. 

8. Unfortunately there wasn't a net for this.

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