Monday, 10 October 2011

Looking at Existing Packaging and Deciding on a Name

I've been to a few supermarkets including Sainsburys, Morrisons and Tesco to have a look at existing oriental food packaging. So far all the oriental ready meals for two are created specifically for the supermarket however I want to create my own brand and propose it would be sold in all leading supermarkets. To get an idea of what I could call my brand, I had a look at existing names:

The main ones appear to be 
- Blue Dragon
- Amoy
- Sharwoods

which all create various kinds of oriental foods such as sauces, noodles, rice etc

Other brands selling mainly rice and noodles were
- Tilda
- Veetee

I've also done some online research into oriental restaurants and take away names. I really want to avoid using the word 'wok' in my brand name as there are far too many out there already and it seems a bit predictable, here is just an example of those in Leeds:
- Wok On Noodle Bar
- Wok U Want
- Wok Mania
- Oriental Wok
- Wok 2 China
- Lucky Wok

So for my brand name, I do want something which emphasises the fact it's oriental take away food but could also has the possibility to be branched out into other products like those above 
- Oriental to go
- Chop Chop

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