Sunday, 30 October 2011

Brief 3 - Basics Re-Brand

I originally planned to have a typeface brief as my third brief but this plan has changed now
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I have now decided that my third brief will be a brief I picked out over summer. I mentioned this brief to Ellis and she liked the sound of it and suggested it could be a collaboration as she had wanted to something like this herself. I need to speak to her about this in more detail tomorrow to see if she still would like to do it, but if not I will still undergo this brief myself.

Over summer it was only written very basically so here is a revised version in more detail:

Brief Title - Supermarket Basics Re-Brand

The Brief - 

Concept/Proposition - 

Background - 

Target Audience - 

Tone Of Voice - 

Considerations - 

Mandatory Requirements - 

Deliverables - 

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