Wednesday, 12 October 2011

More Fonts

I've continued to look for fonts I feel appropriate to give me some inspiration before designing my own, however i've now actually found a few which I think could work. Due to illness I also feel I am a bit behind on this brief so I think the best option this time would be to use an existing font, maybe adapt it a little into my own logo and then leave the font designing for my brief later on this module which I have set especially for typeface design. 

I have decided on the name 'chop chop' for my meal product as this relates to the use of chopsticks in oriental food and also relates to the quickness of it being a ready meal.

I'm not keen on the letter 'c' in this font as it's too rounded in comparison to the other letters. I think the spacing looks odd too but this could be easily fixed.

This font is quite typically oriental looking however I do really like it as it has a more sophisticated feel to it which will work better for my target audience.

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