Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Products For My Range

For the shape of the bottles i'm going to stick to similar ones that The Body Shop use, the main reason is because I want to focus more on the surface design of the packaging but also it means they will still be recognisable to existing customers. The products i'm going to re-create as my winter collection will be:

- Body Lotion
- Hand and Nail Treatment
- Moisture Hair Butter
- Skin Reviver
- Lip Butter
- Body Loofah Mit

I've picked these products as from the research I have done, I think they will essential products for protecting and relieving the skin from the cold winter weather. These individual products also in different shape/sized bottles so I will have some variation in the packaging I design for them.

I will be re-designing/creating new packaging for each of the individual products but also I will be creating a gift set for them to be sold together which as it's coming up to christmas, will make a useful present idea. 

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