Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Inspiring Packaging

So my aim for the Body Shop packaging is to have something clean and simplistic yet still has the Body Shop's 'natural' element to it.

Here is some packaging i've found which I feel relevant to this:

Amala designed by Liska & Associates 

Derma Nova designed by Hello Monday:

I love the contrast of the really clean clinical look to the front of this packaging against the harsh wood/bark print to the sides.


Designed by student Tyler Hamilton:

Designed by student Sarah Cespedes: 

Designed by Miller Creative:

The White Company designed by Aloof:

Designed by SomeOne:

Moya designed by Daniel Berkowitz

This is so plain and simple on the outside yet the way you open it up and the packaging revealed on the inside its just gorgeous and makes the product seem really special and unique. However something like this wouldn't be suitable for this brief as it could be seen as a waste of paper which goes against one of the Body Shop's core values of protecting the planet.

 Brachia Olive Oil designed by Tridvajedan:

Designed by student Sato Bon:
I love the element of nature for this packaging. The bottles are something you would happily have on display in your bathroom and I think a need for any outer packaging to be sold in is unnecessary as the bottles can stand out on the shelf by themselves. 

Designed by Moag Bailie:

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